Official Tv Online - Charged credit card and didn't deliver items

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On 4/8/2008 I was on the yahoo website and I saw a company called Official-Tv-Online and ordered two driveway alarms 52.88 from them.My credit card was charged and I never received them.

I was alerted today because I was going through all my stubs and receipts for 2008 in order to get all my tax papers together and I saw my invoice. I can't believe what they did. I called the bank and they told me to write out a request for my money back and send it in. When I called the answering machine told me the person I was looking for was not there and the box was full of messages.

Then I typed it in on yahoo and found this site with other complaints. Does anyone know if they have been caught yet? I am still going to submit it to my bank.I recently had two unauthorized charges on the same card and reported it now I think it may be the same person(s). Anyone who had business with this company should have their credit card numbers changed like I did.

I hope they get caught and go to jail.This is awful of someone to do to people.

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Official Tv Online - Hit my debit for $ but still no product 5 mo. later

Leesville, Louisiana 0 comments

I ordered Detox pads from OfficialTV Online on 5/7/08 and they hit my debit card for them right off and I still haven't received them.I tried to contact them numerous times and actually spoke with a real person once but since then I haven't gotten anyone!

I think the phone number has been disconnected - I even tried to resolve it on line and that's a joke too. How do these people manage to stay in business if they won't interact with the consumers?

I just want my $25 credited back to my account.

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Official Tv Online - Scammed

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

I too ordered from this same company.Took the money out of my account on 4/27/2008 and I still haven't recieved the product. They will not answer Email and when you call the phone # the mail box is full and you can't leave a message.I got a couple of emails stating that the product was back ordered and now they won't respond at all.It was a set a pro grabit tool for a Bday,yaeh what a joke.I will never order from these people again. I would advise everyone else not to order.Official tv online

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Official Tv Online -

Buffalo, New York 2 comments
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I ordered Pro Grabit on March 8, 2008 and still have not received it.This company is a scam!

How can we get our money back. The bank told me they can't do anything after 60 days. I wrote at least 10 emails to them, I did get two responses. It said they would send it out shortly along with a free gift.

That was on May 21, 2008.

I finally found the real website for the I ended up paying again (to the ligitamate company) and they overnighted it to me so that I could have it for father's day.

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Ramenskoye, Moscow, Russian Federation #23885

I had the same problem with this company.They debited the money from my account on 5/12 and I still have yet to receive anything from them.

I emailed them twice and only once got a response saying that it was on backorder.The second email didn't yeild a response.

Medford, Oregon, United States #17542


Official Tv Online - Debited my credit card and didn't send item

Shreveport, Louisiana 0 comments
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I ordered a Pro Gabit set on March 31, 2008 from NY Technologies- debitd my credit card and I still have not received my merchandise as of May16, 2008 I have emailed these people numerous times and I have not received a response.

I have also called the number on the invoice several times and left messages. They have not responded. Today I called again and it said that the person could not take the call and that I could not leave a message because the mailbox is full.I guess it is full from other people calling and complaining that they have not received their merchandise either.

These people should be put out of business.And law inforcement or someone should investigate this because they ripped me off for $27.98 and I am quite sure that I am not the only one if they will not respond to email messages or phone calls

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